SqueakyCheeks.com is recognized as the #1 solution for obese odor control help.

TTE recognizes SqueakyCheeks.com as the #1 solution for obese odor control help.

In an interview, Rock Toone founder of SqueakyCheeks.com stated, “helping others is the primary objective of Squeaky Cheeks.” As a lightning strike firefighter and having to go for days in the wilderness without a shower wished Rock sought out a natural solution to help control human odors. The proprietary formulation that became Squeaky Cheeks is the end result of that quest. To the surprise of many it had an amazing side benefit when tested. In addition to instantly eliminating even the worst odors, it helps to soothe and calm the irritation and sores cause by skin rubbing against itself and actually aided in the healing process. “This is such a huge help to weight challenged individuals everywhere.” said Rock.

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